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Diablo SOL-X Film - 40" x 100 Ft Roll - 2 Ply 35% Window Tint - CARBON FILM

Diablo SOL-X Film - 40" x 100 Ft Roll - 2 Ply 35% Window Tint - CARBON FILM

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Diablo SOL-X CARBON film 

40" x 100 Ft. 35% - 2 Ply 1.5mil
Professional grade car window tint roll

Sol-X Carbon Window Tint Film is our new upgraded line of window tint, designed for long-lasting use, using the highest quality, superior heat rejection, with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY.


What makes carbon film superior?

Carbon tint uses carbon particles rather than metallized particles, the carbon particles block out 40% of solar rays that enter through the windows and will not fade over time. Since it does not use metal it will not interfere with radio/cell phone frequencies. Another unique feature is that the carbon particles are what make the tint dark and not dyes. Unlike dyed film it will not fade or turn purple over time.

Features Include


1.5mil thickness, energy absorbing, mounting adhesive; comprised of polyester film layers for high tensile strength and up to 50% maximum heat rejection.


Removable window tint is made using fine window molds to achieve precision. NO DYE, NO FADING, NO BUBBLING, NO PURPLING, NO PEELING.


Strong, pre-pasted adhesion makes it a DIY window tint for automotive, residential, commercial applications


Non-metallized auto window tint film ensures the undisrupted use of radio and cell phones in the vehicle

Our window tint films are double Ply (2-Ply). With an exceptionally strong, energy-absorbing mounting adhesive, and are composed of polyester film layers that are extremely high in tensile and break strength *EXTRUDED* NO DYE, NO FADING, NO BUBBLING, NO PURPLING, NO PEELING.

Suitable for auto / residential / commercial easy to install self adhesive. See our store for other options: 5%=very dark. 15%=medium dark. 20%=medium. 35%=light.

Diablo Window Tinting Films allows for maximum heat rejection without a metallized film, which can interfere with radio and satellite signals. It also gives our films a stylish look with outstanding color stability, and provides high heat rejection with no signal interference!

Diablo window tint film rejects up to 50% of the heat coming through your windows. Keeps your vehicle interior cooler and protects the interior from cracking and fading. Rejects up to 80% glare and blocks up to 99% UV and scratch resistant. Diablo SOL X automotive window tint is the automotive films, brand leader in DIY (do it yourself) auto window tint.

Best in class, coating and adhesive technologies have helped design higher performing, longer lasting films that are among the best in the marketplace. Diablo top of the line auto window tint is the perfect solution for keeping your car cool, comfortable, and looking sharp inside and out.

Utilizing a heat-blocking layer to reflect away intense heat and glare and UV inhibitors to block 99% of dangerous UV rays. That means you save money on running your AC and protect your interior from fading. It won’t turn purple or clear over time like cheap imitations.

We guarantee our new line of Diablo SOL X window tint film with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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